sábado, 28 de junio de 2014


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  Bishops and priests should fall in love with the greatest ministry in the work of salvation. In the life of the Holy Pastor of Ars, san Juan Marie Vianney, there is... an interesting revelation. Satan appeared to the holy priest to tell him this: "ordain all the priests you may, I will make sure they will not teach." Satan is true to his words. 
Bishops and priests do not teacch catechism. They leave the most important doctrine on the road to salvation to gran'mothers, little girls... people without preparation who did not go to the seminary!
May we pray for our bishops and priests for the Holy Spirit to give them the humility to obey the Holy Father Pope Francis. He commands bishops and priests to teach catechism everywhere. See for yourself if your bishop and your priests will obey the Holy Father. the teacher. See More

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