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In his interview Sunday September 21 with Chicago CBS affiliate, Bishop Cupich suggested he would be open to giving communion to pro-abortion catholic politicians. However, the bishop puts a condition: “as long as they’re in church, are willing to hear the word of God, be open to Christ’s call of conversion for each one of us, then I think that that’s sufficient for me.”

A question must be solved. When I was in the seminary in the 1950s, we learned in canon law that any person involved in killing an unborn in the mother’s womb was “ipso facto” excommunicated. Even the person who would open the door was excommunicated. A politician who votes to kill the unborn in the womb of the mother is definitely excommunicated; he or she has committed a very grave sin. Admitting that excommunication has no value in today’s culture, I saw bishops laughing at hearing the word “excommunication,” mortal sins still remain mortal sins.

 And authorizing killing the unborn is a grave and mortal sin as declared saint John Paul II. The bishop must not forget that such a politician, voting to kill the unborn in the womb of the mother, must repent before receiving the sacrament of penance to forgive this very grave sin. Repenting for having committed such a grave sin means he or she is no more a pro-abortion politician. Repenting means to change, to be transformed into values of God. To such a repenting sinner, then the bishop may give communion to a repenting catholic politician.

I know so many believers who are confused with the bishop’s stance on pro-abortion politicians and giving them communion. The fact that such politicians are “open” to dialogue does not mean at all that they repent for having committed such a grave sin, for authorizing the killing of so many innocent souls whom they sentenced to death for no other cause than “not being wanted.” Have anyone of them gone to confession before receiving the Body of Christ in their communion?

Saint Paul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, writes: 1 Cor 11:27-29

“Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord. A person should examine himself, and so eat the bread and drink the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself.”

Thus, catholic politicians, who deliberately continue to be pro-abortion and to be given them the Body of Christ in Holy Communion, make the bishop and his priests accomplices in their grave sins and darken the image of the bishop and his priests in the faithful.
   The apostle John, in his first letter, writes: 1 John 1:6

“If we say, “We have fellowship with him (Jesus), while we continue to walk in darkness, we lie and do not act in truth.”

It is alarming to see bishop Cupich willing to give communion to such “murderers “who refuse to repent before eating the Body of Christ.!

What is Pope Francis looking for in appointing bishop Cupich to be the next Archbishop of Chicago ? We know that the Pope did not make this appointment lightly. He looked into bishop Cupich’s past, into his works, his teachings as a pastor of souls. He knew that bishop Cupich discouraged his priests from participating in demonstration outside abortion facilities. We applaud to the fact that  bishop Cupich specifies the priests' primary role as teachers of the Word to the faithful. Priests teaching catechism is certainly their primary role. However, so few fulfill their primary role. A great blessing archbishop Cupich must bring to his priestly people of God in Chicago is to make mandatory the study of CATECHESI TRADENDAE of saint John Paul II in his major seminary.

However, bishop Cupich’s progressive views must not interfere with the traditional doctrine of the Catholic Church. Grave sins are grave sins to be forgiven only to the repenting sinner in the sacrament of confession. Perhaps bishop Cupich should be interested in clarifying his stance on giving communion to pro-abortion politicians. Does he means that for a pro-abortion politician just being in church at a Sunday Mass and to be open to dialogue is enough for them to give them communion?

 To receive the sacraments of penance and the Holy Eucharist means much more than a presence at a Sunday Mass and be open to dialogue. The transformation the bishop mentions must be real in facts not only in words. The bishop relies only on the pro-abortion politicians’ words! This is unbelievable!

 Bishop Cupich is fostering a new doctrine and not only a pastoral approach to pro-abortion politicians receiving Holy communion. Are we witnessing a doctrinal change in the Church just for the sake of pleasing catholic politicians in their grave sins? God forbid!  Why Islam is getting the attention of so many of our young people?  The answer is this:  our young people find in Islam a faith attitude more conducive to the demands of  Jesus' teachings.  Changing the demands of the Catholic faith to keep unrepenting Catholic politicians in the Church is to deny Jesus on the Cross; it is a treacherous act.

  However,  Jesus is at the helm of His Ship, the Church; it is His Church. Whatever Pope Francis will approve, we shall accept in faith for he is the person holding the keys to the door to the trinitarian beatitude of the Eternal Life.
The professor Father Louis George Dupuis

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Faith is a word with a difficult meaning to understand. The word faith is at the root of so many confusions in the world. The problem comes from the fierce battle in paradise between Adam and Eve, our first parents, and satan. God demanded an act of obedience to Adam and Eve to merit heaven. They were to submit themselves to the sovereignty of Almighty God and to worship only God and nobody else. God revealed himself to our first parents in a complete display of all divine revelation that they needed to live happily and fruitfully in paradise.

God did not ask Adam and Eve for an act of obedience beyond their spiritual ability to remain faithful to God. They had all of God's help to refuse to enter into a dialogue with satan. However, they accepted to enter into a friendship with satan; at that moment the battle was over. They believe satan against the word of God.  God told them if they disobeyed they would surely die. Satan laughed at God's ultimatum to our first parents. he showed them that God was hiding from them a knowledge that would make them their own God. They believed satan and called God a liar.

At that moment, the battle was lost. God pronounced the sentence which was to affect us all until the end of the world. The whole of mankind was to inherit Adam and Eve’s sin, We were sentenced to be born in sin enemies of God, to be inclined to evil all our lives and to die. The Council of Trent teaches that "we were irremediably lost for ever" if God had not sent us our beloved Savior Jesus Christ.

Saint Pope John Paul II teaches us that we are born with two forceful inclinations. THE FIRST ONE is called OUR ASPIRATIONS TO THE INFINITE. The second one is called our inclinations to EVIL. Our aspirations to the infinite are a forceful behavior within ourselves pushing us to search for the Infinite. Those aspirations are very well alive among pagans surrounding themselves with an almost  infinity of gods and goddesses. They are constantly worshiping, and they live submitted to the influence of their godly inventions.

Our understanding of  FAITH is being influenced by our aspirations to the infinite. We think that when the word faith is being mentioned,  it means our relationship with God. This is a complete ERROR. Faith only means to accept the words of another person as truthful and thus we believe what we are told. When the message are the Words from God, when  I believe with the help of the Holy Spirit, my faith is DIVINE. When the message are the words from a human being, if I believe my faith is HUMAN. We know that human faith cannot save us. Therefore, if we doubt that what we hear is not truthful, we do not believe. WE DOUBT. Jesus,  in Matthew 14:28-31,  clarifies the difference between to doubt and to believe when he tells saint Peter “DON’T DOUBT BUT BELIEVE!  On the CBS TV SHOW, doubt was mistakenly accepted as believing. This was an unfortunate erroneous use of faith. the professor.


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In the book of Genesis, God Himself reveals to us Adam and Eve in the very moment of their creation.  God Himself says: “LET US CREATE MAN IN OUR IMAGE, AFTER OUR LIKENESS.”  God creates us with intelligence to know God and to govern our lives according to His divine Will, to be happy with Him in heaven.

 “AFTER OUR LIKENESS” means our sharing in the Life of God which is known “SANCTIFYING GRACE.”  Sanctifying grace makes us holy, saints.  Also God creates us with a WILL.  Our will is our motor that moves us in reaching our goal in life.  Eve reveals to us that our first parents had a good relation in friendship with God.  However, God gives them His Divine ORDER (Will)  in these words:  “You  are free to eat from any of the trees of the garden EXCEPT the tree of knowledge of good and bad.  From that tree you shall not eat; the moment you eat from it you are surely doomed to die.”  (Gen 3:2-3) Thus we must obey God because;  we must render an account of our whole life, as saint Paul reveals it to us: “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive according to what he did in the body, whether good or evil.”        (2Cor 5:10). 

Thus, in the very first moment of our creation, God reveals that He is a loving God,  OUR GOD OF LOVE AND MERCY, always ready to bless us with the abundance of His Love in giving us a life full with happiness.  We can eat from the abundance of Paradise, WE CAN EAT ALL THE FRUITS OF ALL THE TREES, with one exception.  God forbids Adam and Eve to eat the fruits of the tree of good and evil.  God implores our first parents to worship only Him and nobody else.  If they disobey, they will die.  The sentence has been pronounced: DEATH. 

Therefore, our first parents know God’s Will.  God reveals Himself to them and gives them full knowledge of how they must live their life in the Garden of Eden, a plentiful life in the abundance and full happiness.  “YOU ARE FREE TO EAT FROM ANY OF THE TREES OF THE GARDEN EXCEPT THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.” (Gen 2:16-17)  God did not ask our first parents to do anything they could not reasonably and faithfully do.  In all, God gives them one commandment; He is asking Adam and Eve to submit themselves to God, to worship only God and nobody else.

Thus, death does not belong to creation and therefore is not God’s doing. Death is man made since it is a punishment for disobeying God’s commandment.  Our first parents are told they will have to give an account to God  how they use their freedom. Their encounter with the devil was not beyond their ability to refuse any dialogue with the prince of death.

What happens in the Garden of Eden really happens in each one’s life.  We must all give to God an account of our life in the body.  God in his great love and mercifulness for us is always ready to pardon us of all our sins if we sincerely repent.  However, let us learn that sin always has two consequences.  First, sin is an offense to God’s Majesty. God pardons the offense to the  sinner who with the grace of God repents.   Secondly, sin is a transgression of God’s commandments.  We must  atone for each sinful transgression committed.  Such expiation must be done on earth or in purgatory.

Let us meditate on how we want to enter into our eternal life.  Saint Paul animates us with his beautiful revelation in 2Cor 4:17:  “For this momentary light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to what is seen but to what is unseen; for what is seen is transitory, but what is unseen is eternal.”   The professor.


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  Bishops and priests should fall in love with the greatest ministry in the work of salvation. In the life of the Holy Pastor of Ars, san Juan Marie Vianney, there is... an interesting revelation. Satan appeared to the holy priest to tell him this: "ordain all the priests you may, I will make sure they will not teach." Satan is true to his words. 
Bishops and priests do not teacch catechism. They leave the most important doctrine on the road to salvation to gran'mothers, little girls... people without preparation who did not go to the seminary!
May we pray for our bishops and priests for the Holy Spirit to give them the humility to obey the Holy Father Pope Francis. He commands bishops and priests to teach catechism everywhere. See for yourself if your bishop and your priests will obey the Holy Father. the teacher. See More

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To open my blog in Enchlis click Bishops are responsible for not supervising their seminarians in seminaries. The priest must be the MASTER OF THE WORD OF GOD and fully qualified to teach catechism to his faithful and to the world. A priest who cannot teach catechism is a failure in his priestly life. the professor