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US BISHOPS put Benedict XVI on notice that they refuse to believe in  the doctrine of the  dogmas of faith of Adam and Eve and the original sin.  They argued this dogma of faith passed!  They know better today.  Bishops believe the humanist psychotherapy “GELSTAT” of Maslow teaching the child is born good with all the potentials within himself  to succeed completely . Jesus telling us “without me you can do nothing” also passed.  However, bishops cannot explain why they still baptize the child.  We beg Pope Francis to unite with Benedict XVI to bring the bishops back to Jesus.  Pope Francis talks about this destructive force within each person always inclining him(her) to destroy himself or his neighbor, however he cannot tell where this destructive force  comes from.  Satan has a complete control of the Catholic Church.  He tripped our first parents  into their rebellion against God and he “caused” the original sin; however he makes sure he is not accused for his satanic grip on mankind.  On this Christmas Day, may all our Catholic Community pray Jesus to bring an about turn to Jesus in our bishops. 

POPE FRANCIS TEACHES GOD´S MERCY OPERATES MIRACLES IN THE REPENTING SINNERS.  HOWEVER,  GOD´S MERCY DOES NOT AUTHORIZE POPES AND BISHOPS TO AMEND GOD´S DIVINE REVELATION ESPECIALLY ON DOGMAS OF FAITH.  To deprive the faithful of a sound knowledge of a dogma of faith like the original sin is a crime against God and the believers who have a right to know the doctrine of the original sin and its devastating consequences in each one of us.  However, it appears our beloved Pope Francis will not help the bishops; he mentions the original sin but he refuses to teach it.

Our bishops are men born with the original sin and in the snares of satan.  JESUS SAVE YOUR CHURCH FROM DESTRUCTION.  Following is the answer Pope Benedict XVI gave to the world and to the bishops which was completely ignored by the bishops.
Paul VI Audience Hall
Wednesday, 3 December 2008
Saint Paul (15):
The Apostle’s teaching on the relation between Adam and Christ
The original sin
in the teachings of saint Paul
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In today's Catechesis we shall reflect on the relations between Adam and Christ, defined by St Paul in the well-known passage of the Letter to the Romans (5: 12-21) in which he gives the Church the essential outline of the doctrine on original sin.

Indeed, Paul had already introduced the comparison between our first progenitor and Christ while addressing faith in the Resurrection in the First Letter to the Corinthians: "For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.... "The first man Adam became a living being'; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit" (1 Cor 15: 22, 45). With Romans 5: 12-21, the comparison between Christ and Adam becomes more articulate and illuminating: Paul traces the history of salvation from Adam to the Law and from the latter to Christ. At the centre of the scene it is not so much Adam, with the consequences of his sin for humanity, who is found as much as it is Jesus Christ and the grace which was poured out on humanity in abundance through him. The repetition of the "all the more" with regard to Christ stresses that the gift received in him far surpasses Adam's sin and its consequent effects on humanity, so that Paul could reach his conclusion: "but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more" (Rm 5: 20). The comparison that Paul draws between Adam and Christ therefore sheds light on the inferiority of the first man compared to the prevalence of the second.

On the other hand, it is precisely in order to highlight the immeasurable gift of grace in Christ that Paul mentions Adam's sin. One could say that if it were not to demonstrate the centrality of grace, he would not have dwelt on the treatment of sin which "came into the world through one man and death through sin" (Rm 5: 12). For this reason, if, in the faith of the Church, an awareness of the dogma of original sin developed, it is because it is inseparably linked to another dogma, that of salvation and freedom in Christ. The consequence of this is that we must never treat the sin of Adam and of humanity separately from the salvific context, in other words, without understanding them within the horizon of justification in Christ.
However, as people of today we must ask ourselves:
what is this original sin?

 What does St Paul teach? what does the Church teach?

Is this doctrine still sustainable today?

Many think that in light of the history of evolution, there is no longer room for the doctrine of a first sin that then would have permeated the whole of human history. And, as a result, the matter of Redemption and of the Redeemer would also lose its foundation.

Therefore, does original sin exist or not?

In order to respond, we must distinguish between two aspects of the doctrine on original sin. There exists an empirical aspect, that is, a reality that is concrete, visible, I would say tangible to all. And an aspect of mystery concerning the ontological foundation of this event.

1)-The empirical fact is that a contradiction exists in our being. On the one hand every person knows that he must do good and intimately wants to do it. Yet at the same time he also feels the other impulse to do the contrary, to follow the path of selfishness and violence, to do only what pleases him, while also knowing that in this way he is acting against the good, against God and against his neighbour. In his Letter to the Romans St Paul expressed this contradiction in our being in this way: "I can will what is right, but I cannot do it. For I do not do the good I want, but I do the evil I do not want" (7: 18-19). This inner contradiction of our being is not a theory. Each one of us experiences it every day. And above all we always see around us the prevalence of this second will. It is enough to think of the daily news of injustice, violence, falsehood and lust. We see it every day. It is a fact.

As a consequence of this evil power in our souls, a murky river developed in history which poisons the geography of human history. Blaise Pascal, the great French thinker, spoke of a "second nature", which superimposes our original, good nature. This "second nature" makes evil appear normal to man. Hence even the common expression "he's human" has a double meaning. "He's human", can mean: this man is good, he really acts as one should act. But "he's human", can also imply falsity: evil is normal, it is human

Evil seems to have become our second nature. This contradiction of the human being, of our history, must evoke, and still evokes today, the desire for redemption. And, in reality, the desire for the world to be changed and the promise that a world of justice, peace and good will be created exists everywhere. In politics, for example, everyone speaks of this need to change the world, to create a more just world. And this is precisely an expression of the longing for liberation from the contradiction we experience within us.

Thus, the existence of the power of evil in the human heart and in human history is an undeniable fact. The question is: how can this evil be explained?

 In the history of thought, Christian faith aside, there exists a key explanation of this duality, with different variations. This model says: being in itself is contradictory, it bears within it both good and evil. In antiquity, this idea implied the opinion that two equally primal principles existed: a good principle and a bad principle. This duality would be insuperable; the two principles are at the same level, so this contradiction from the being's origin would always exist. The contradiction of our being would therefore only reflect the contrary nature of the two divine principles, so to speak. In the evolutionist, atheist version of the world the same vision returns in a new form. Although in this conception the vision of being is monist, it supposes that being as such bears within itself both evil and good from the outset. Being itself is not simply good, but open to good and to evil. Evil is equally primal with the good. And human history would develop only the model already present in all of the previous evolution. What Christians call original sin would in reality be merely the mixed nature of being, a mixture of good and evil which, according to atheist thought, belong to the same fabric of being. This is a fundamentally desperate view: if this is the case, evil is invincible. In the end all that counts is one's own interest. All progress would necessarily be paid for with a torrent of evil and those who wanted to serve progress would have to agree to pay this price. Politics is fundamentally structured on these premises and we see the effects of this. In the end, this modern way of thinking can create only sadness and cynicism.

And let us therefore ask again: what does faith witnessed to by St Paul tell us? As the first point, it confirms the reality of the competition between the two natures, the reality of this evil whose shadow weighs on the whole of Creation. We heard chapter seven of the Letter to the Romans, we shall add chapter eight. Quite simply, evil exists. As an explanation, in contrast with the dualism and monism that we have briefly considered and found distressing,

2)-faith tells us: there exist two mysteries, one of light and one of night, that is, however, enveloped by the mysteries of light.

The first mystery of light is this: faith tells us that there are not two principles, one good and one evil, but there is only one single principle, God the Creator, and this principle is good, only good, without a shadow of evil. And therefore, being too is not a mixture of good and evil; being as such is good and therefore it is good to be, it is good to live. This is the good news of the faith: only one good source exists, the Creator. Therefore living is a good, it is a good thing to be a man or a woman life is good. Then follows a mystery of darkness, or night. Evil does not come from the source of being itself, it is not equally primal.

Evil comes from a freedom created, from a freedom abused.

How was it possible, how did it happen? This remains obscure. Evil is not logical. Only God and good are logical, are light. Evil remains mysterious. It is presented as such in great images, as it is in chapter 3 of Genesis, with that scene of the two trees, of the serpent, of sinful man: a great image that makes us guess but cannot explain what is itself illogical. We may guess, not explain; nor may we recount it as one fact beside another, because it is a deeper reality. It remains a mystery of darkness, of night. But a mystery of light is immediately added. Evil comes from a subordinate source. God with his light is stronger. And therefore evil can be overcome. Thus the creature, man, can be healed. The dualist visions, including the monism of evolutionism, cannot say that man is curable; but if evil comes only from a subordinate source, it remains true that man is healable. And the Book of Wisdom says: "he made the nations of the world curable" (1: 14 Vulgate).

3)-GOD INTRODUCED HEALING:  And finally, the last point: man is not only healable, but is healed de facto. God introduced healing. He entered into history in person. He set a source of pure good against the permanent source of evil

The Crucified and Risen Christ, the NEW ADAM, counters the murky river of evil with a river of light. And this river is present in history: we see the Saints, the great Saints but also the humble saints, the simple faithful. We see that the stream of light which flows from Christ is present, is strong.

Brothers and sisters, it is the season of Advent. In the language of the Church the word Advent has two meanings: presence and anticipation. Presence: the light is present, Christ is the new Adam, he is with us and among us. His light is already shining and we must open the eyes of our hearts to see the light and to enter into the river of light. Above all we must be grateful for the fact that God himself entered history as a new source of good. But Advent also means anticipation. The dark night of evil is still strong. And therefore in Advent we pray with the ancient People of God: "Rorate caeli desuper". And we pray insistently: come Jesus; come, give power to light and to good; come where falsehood, ignorance of God, violence and injustice predominate. Come Lord Jesus, give power to the good in the world and help us to be bearers of your light, peacemakers, witnesses of the truth. Come, Lord Jesus!

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Bishop Patrick J. Zurek of Amarillo Texas, in a November 8, 2016 statement said, he was investigating the incident of Father Frank Pavone  who placed  the body of an aborted fetus on the altar of the church   for political purposes.  The bishop affirmed such act was “against the dignity of human life.”  The bishop grossly misunderstood Father Pavone.  He should have seen Father Pavone´s faith with the eyes of the Church and not with the eyes of our president Obama prince of death.

Father Louis George Dupuis answered bishop Zurek.
Father Frank Pavone´s heroic act placed the aborted body of a martyr on the altar.  This is where the body of a martyr should be since the Church always venerated her martyrs.  The diocese of Amarillo, Texas, shows its deeply imbued with president Obama´s culture of death where bodies of aborted babies are thrown into trash cans.  No one has the right to kill an innocent person in the mother´s wombs, not even the mother. President Trump was right when he said such a mother who kills her unborn child should face justice.

In the Old calendar, an unknown writer described the feast of the Holy Innocents  “During this octave of Christmas the Church celebrates the memory of the small children of the neighborhood of Bethlehem put to death by Herod. Sacrificed by a wicked monarch, these innocent lives bear witness to Christ who was persecuted from the time of His birth by a world which would not receive Him.” 

Aborted children whose rights to life are being sacrificed by tyrants on the altars of goddesses egoism, selfishness, cry vengeance to their heavenly Father.   Abortion nowadays is so normal that even our bishops not only tolerate them but proclaim abortions as insignificant.  The  archbishop of Chicago teaches that it is more Christian to give food to the hungry than to prevent an abortion.  An aborted child is a martyr recognized by the Church  “ to have received the baptism of blood which brings about the fruits of baptism without being a sacrament” (CCC #1258). 

Sincere thanks to Father Pavone for teaching us the martyrdom of our aborted saints by placing the aborted body of a martyr on the altar to the veneration of the faithful.  This was not a political act but a cry to the Justice of God Almighty  revealing: “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive recompense, according to what he did in the body, whether good or evil.” (2Cor 5:10) 

No one escapes the judgment day!  Saint Peter Chrysologue tells us to wake-up and listen  “God appeals to us in his mercy to avoid punishing us in his severity.”  
(PL 52, 499-500). 

By Father Louis George Dupuis, S.T.L. 

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Please don´t get me wrong, Mr. President!

 Islam is a beautiful religion.  There is nothing wrong with the Koran.  I accept it.  Also I accept the sharia law.  And there are so many beautiful Muslims around the world living a peaceful life with their neighbor.  I saw on television a Christian church of the Holy Trinity full to capacity with Muslims on their Friday day devotions.

A few years ago, I was on a pilgrimage to Turkey with Father Mike Manning and our beloved bishop Strayling of San Bernardino, California.  Our 21 day pilgrimage was called “IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF SAN PAUL”.  What a beautiful experience of my life.  Every morning at 6 a.m. our bus was waiting for us at the door of our hotel.  We rushed from the breakfast table to spend the whole day visiting all the Christian churches founded by saint Paul. 

We had 2 guides traveling with us.  One guide sat with me and always with interesting talks.  I kept telling him that I was interested in Islam. I had only one problem to solve with Islam; if he could help me to solve my problem, I would happily become a Muslim.

On the last day, he came to me and begged me to tell him my problem, he would happily help me.  I told him very frankly my problem was with the prophet Muhammad.  He immediately cut me off and said: “the prophet?”  He got up and immediately walked away. 

I had hit myself against a brick wall.  It is strictly prohibited to question Muhammad the prophet of Islam.  So I am asked to accept a man who said he had visions and so on and I must follow him blindfolded as my prophet JUST ON HIS WORDS.  This is not only absolutely wrong, but against our human reason. 

Walking blindfolded is against our human reasoning.   Mr. President, in preaching Muhammad to us, you contradict the Koran when you promote homosexuality, gay marriages.  Muhammad wanted them dead while Jesus wants them to live and to ask for his divine help in fighting evils.   

My dear President Obama, I MUST NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN TO BE THE TRUTH.  The light of truth must guide us in choosing the prophet to guide us on our faith journey in this valley of tears.

Don´t rely only on words because you will be deceived; you must avoid believing in vain!   You must ask for FACTS to prove what you believe is the truth. And such FACTS that only God can do  are called miracles.
Are you following blindfolded someone to guide you on your journey to Allah in his eternal glory?  It is not reasonable.  

However, you use your office of President to teach us and the world “whoever criticizes the prophet Muhammad has no future.”  You insist Muhammad is God´s prophet and not Jesus. We must accept Muhammad blindfolded without questioning his credibility.  Such an unfortunate behavior is not even human!  Is it not what is being done to slaves?

On the contrary, Prophet Jesus proved to us that God sent him. Jesus proved his divinity showing us his divine power by resurrecting dead people back to life. These miracles are attested by many witnesses.  However, it seems Jesus ´miracles do not touch you. Muhammad did no works of God to prove his prophetic claim.

Jesus himself, in the gospel of saint John, chapter 10, versus 33-38, tells the Jews they are correct not to accept him on his words alone.  He tells them, however, they must believe his works. In Jesus ‘own words:

If I do not perform my Father´s works, do not believe me; but if I perform them, even if you do not believe me, believe the works that I do.

And the works that Jesus does are healing the lepers and all sicknesses and he resurrects dead people back to life.  And his own resurrection from the dead always convinces believers called by God.  

Mr. President, if ever you present me with Muhammad has resurrected dead people back to life, I am immediately a Muslim.  I will have the proof, the resurrection of the dead performed by Muhammad,  that Muhammad is God´s prophet.  

However, history tells us Muhammad has not performed the works of God; he has not resurrected any dead person back to life to prove the divine nature of his prophetic claim.

Thus, Mr. President Obama, I do not criticize the prophet Muhammad, I just tell him what the Jews told Jesus: prove to us with your heavenly works that God has sent you to us as his prophet to guide us on our journey to heaven.  

According to what I read out of history in the university library, Muhammad never thought he was to prove to us that God sent him.

Most probably, you, Mr. President, in your capacity as President of the United States, you have found a reason (not his words) to believe in Muhammad since you tell us that “whoever criticizes the Prophet has no future”.  Please let me know your reason to believe, I will be so grateful to you. 

You are always in my prayers.
With sincere devotion in your office, 

I remain profoundly yours 

in our Lord Jesus,  God´s last Prophet.

Father Louis George Dupuis