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Faith is a word with a difficult meaning to understand. The word faith is at the root of so many confusions in the world. The problem comes from the fierce battle in paradise between Adam and Eve, our first parents, and satan. God demanded an act of obedience to Adam and Eve to merit heaven. They were to submit themselves to the sovereignty of Almighty God and to worship only God and nobody else. God revealed himself to our first parents in a complete display of all divine revelation that they needed to live happily and fruitfully in paradise.

God did not ask Adam and Eve for an act of obedience beyond their spiritual ability to remain faithful to God. They had all of God's help to refuse to enter into a dialogue with satan. However, they accepted to enter into a friendship with satan; at that moment the battle was over. They believe satan against the word of God.  God told them if they disobeyed they would surely die. Satan laughed at God's ultimatum to our first parents. he showed them that God was hiding from them a knowledge that would make them their own God. They believed satan and called God a liar.

At that moment, the battle was lost. God pronounced the sentence which was to affect us all until the end of the world. The whole of mankind was to inherit Adam and Eve’s sin, We were sentenced to be born in sin enemies of God, to be inclined to evil all our lives and to die. The Council of Trent teaches that "we were irremediably lost for ever" if God had not sent us our beloved Savior Jesus Christ.

Saint Pope John Paul II teaches us that we are born with two forceful inclinations. THE FIRST ONE is called OUR ASPIRATIONS TO THE INFINITE. The second one is called our inclinations to EVIL. Our aspirations to the infinite are a forceful behavior within ourselves pushing us to search for the Infinite. Those aspirations are very well alive among pagans surrounding themselves with an almost  infinity of gods and goddesses. They are constantly worshiping, and they live submitted to the influence of their godly inventions.

Our understanding of  FAITH is being influenced by our aspirations to the infinite. We think that when the word faith is being mentioned,  it means our relationship with God. This is a complete ERROR. Faith only means to accept the words of another person as truthful and thus we believe what we are told. When the message are the Words from God, when  I believe with the help of the Holy Spirit, my faith is DIVINE. When the message are the words from a human being, if I believe my faith is HUMAN. We know that human faith cannot save us. Therefore, if we doubt that what we hear is not truthful, we do not believe. WE DOUBT. Jesus,  in Matthew 14:28-31,  clarifies the difference between to doubt and to believe when he tells saint Peter “DON’T DOUBT BUT BELIEVE!  On the CBS TV SHOW, doubt was mistakenly accepted as believing. This was an unfortunate erroneous use of faith. the professor.


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