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Please don´t get me wrong, Mr. President!

 Islam is a beautiful religion.  There is nothing wrong with the Koran.  I accept it.  Also I accept the sharia law.  And there are so many beautiful Muslims around the world living a peaceful life with their neighbor.  I saw on television a Christian church of the Holy Trinity full to capacity with Muslims on their Friday day devotions.

A few years ago, I was on a pilgrimage to Turkey with Father Mike Manning and our beloved bishop Strayling of San Bernardino, California.  Our 21 day pilgrimage was called “IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF SAN PAUL”.  What a beautiful experience of my life.  Every morning at 6 a.m. our bus was waiting for us at the door of our hotel.  We rushed from the breakfast table to spend the whole day visiting all the Christian churches founded by saint Paul. 

We had 2 guides traveling with us.  One guide sat with me and always with interesting talks.  I kept telling him that I was interested in Islam. I had only one problem to solve with Islam; if he could help me to solve my problem, I would happily become a Muslim.

On the last day, he came to me and begged me to tell him my problem, he would happily help me.  I told him very frankly my problem was with the prophet Muhammad.  He immediately cut me off and said: “the prophet?”  He got up and immediately walked away. 

I had hit myself against a brick wall.  It is strictly prohibited to question Muhammad the prophet of Islam.  So I am asked to accept a man who said he had visions and so on and I must follow him blindfolded as my prophet JUST ON HIS WORDS.  This is not only absolutely wrong, but against our human reason. 

Walking blindfolded is against our human reasoning.   Mr. President, in preaching Muhammad to us, you contradict the Koran when you promote homosexuality, gay marriages.  Muhammad wanted them dead while Jesus wants them to live and to ask for his divine help in fighting evils.   

My dear President Obama, I MUST NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN TO BE THE TRUTH.  The light of truth must guide us in choosing the prophet to guide us on our faith journey in this valley of tears.

Don´t rely only on words because you will be deceived; you must avoid believing in vain!   You must ask for FACTS to prove what you believe is the truth. And such FACTS that only God can do  are called miracles.
Are you following blindfolded someone to guide you on your journey to Allah in his eternal glory?  It is not reasonable.  

However, you use your office of President to teach us and the world “whoever criticizes the prophet Muhammad has no future.”  You insist Muhammad is God´s prophet and not Jesus. We must accept Muhammad blindfolded without questioning his credibility.  Such an unfortunate behavior is not even human!  Is it not what is being done to slaves?

On the contrary, Prophet Jesus proved to us that God sent him. Jesus proved his divinity showing us his divine power by resurrecting dead people back to life. These miracles are attested by many witnesses.  However, it seems Jesus ´miracles do not touch you. Muhammad did no works of God to prove his prophetic claim.

Jesus himself, in the gospel of saint John, chapter 10, versus 33-38, tells the Jews they are correct not to accept him on his words alone.  He tells them, however, they must believe his works. In Jesus ‘own words:

If I do not perform my Father´s works, do not believe me; but if I perform them, even if you do not believe me, believe the works that I do.

And the works that Jesus does are healing the lepers and all sicknesses and he resurrects dead people back to life.  And his own resurrection from the dead always convinces believers called by God.  

Mr. President, if ever you present me with Muhammad has resurrected dead people back to life, I am immediately a Muslim.  I will have the proof, the resurrection of the dead performed by Muhammad,  that Muhammad is God´s prophet.  

However, history tells us Muhammad has not performed the works of God; he has not resurrected any dead person back to life to prove the divine nature of his prophetic claim.

Thus, Mr. President Obama, I do not criticize the prophet Muhammad, I just tell him what the Jews told Jesus: prove to us with your heavenly works that God has sent you to us as his prophet to guide us on our journey to heaven.  

According to what I read out of history in the university library, Muhammad never thought he was to prove to us that God sent him.

Most probably, you, Mr. President, in your capacity as President of the United States, you have found a reason (not his words) to believe in Muhammad since you tell us that “whoever criticizes the Prophet has no future”.  Please let me know your reason to believe, I will be so grateful to you. 

You are always in my prayers.
With sincere devotion in your office, 

I remain profoundly yours 

in our Lord Jesus,  God´s last Prophet.

Father Louis George Dupuis

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