miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015


Our thanksgivings to Almighty God

On this beautiful feast of THANKSGIVING, let us meditate on what should we be grateful for to our Almighty God.

First and foremost, we must be grateful for  the magnificent gift  of FAITH, faith in our loving God and faith in His loving Son our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Today we think of the poor and our hearts go out to them to share with them the earthly goods God has bestowed on us to satisfy our human needs. 

But we must also go out to the poorer of the poor, the intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally,  especially those who would reject God’s plan for marriage and family.  We must include those who lobby for so-called gay marriage, those who engage in gay-marriage, to remind them the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

 We all love God in His magnificent plan for our salvation when He creates us.  He endows each one of us with the intellectual capability of apprehending the truth and ordering our life accordingly. 

Of course we are all born with the ORIGINAL SIN and ITS DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES IN US. 

However, JESUS, the Son of God, through His Passion, His sufferings and His sacrifice on the Cross, is offering to each one of us His supernatural help to conquer our inclinations to evil.  Jesus wants us to triumph over satan and the world so as to prepare us to share in God’s happiness in heaven.  NO ONE IS DENIED A SHARE IN THE VICTORY OF THE CROSS. 

Let us respect  each person’s freedom  to make his or her own choice, while directing each one toward the love of God. 

 May Jesus, on this beautiful feast of THANKSGIVING bring us to help the poorer of the poor intellectually, spiritually and emotionally as pilgrims of eternity.  May God bless you.  Father Louis George Dupuis, the  professor.

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