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AT THE FAMOUS NUREMBERG TRIAL, Americans were all in total agreement that immoral laws were not to be obeyed.  And furthermore, no legitimate government was to make immoral laws.  Hitler had made immoral laws and could never be admitted as a partner of the United Nations.  What has become of us, Americans, in such a short time space of 70 years is each one´s question to answer.

First of all, our "Supreme" Justice Anthony Kennedy, a catholic in good standing with his Catholic Church, is definitely the “product” of the Catholic Church.  In his actual function as Chief Justice he does not blink an eye for a second to ignore the Supreme Laws of God over His creation.  Under his guidance, the Supreme Court of the United States has changed its vocation as INTERPRETER of  U.S Laws to MAKING new laws.  His new marriage law advocating same sex marriages is a sparking example of his ingenious fabrication.  Before the Burger court, abortion was not the law of the land.  The Burger Court knocked at the door of the U.S. Congress when it made ABORTION the law of the Land.  The U.S. Congress should have  disciplined the Burger Court abrogating its new law advocating the killing of the unborn nationwide, and notifying the Supreme Court it was not to pass new laws.  We all know how useless is the U.S. Congress and lately so many in the Congress admitted their uselessness in governing the country.

President Obama is a mysterious man.  He lavished on Pope Francis great honors for  the  charities the Catholic Church benefits the poor around the world.  Then he turns around taxing such charities out of existence.  The special devotion Obama has for killing the unborn   around the world with U.S. tax dollars  is  shameful. He feeds the execrable Planned Parenthood profusion with the consensus of the American workers tax dollars.  But he hit the paroxysm of his goal when he publicly declared “AMERICA WAS NO MORE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.”   He received no denial from the Catholic Church nor from any other Christian denomination.   

Perhaps President Obama is correct when he says that he succeeded in his goal to dechristianize  the American People.  “ AMERICA IS NO MORE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.”  He is supreme to demoralize a people who was once a “Christian People” as proclaimed at the famous Nuremberg trial. 

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL,   from our denial of immoral laws at the NUREMBER TRIAL, how far we have trodden down the immoral path in  those 70 years to the total negation of morality in laws as affirmed  our catholic Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy, in his own words:  

“The rule of law is that, as a public official, in performing your legal duties, you are bound to enforce the law,” he said. As such, he concluded, those who have a moral objection to certain laws have a choice to make; to either follow the law or to quit public service.

At the Nuremberg trial, the Nazi convicts made the choice to obey Hitler´s immoral laws.  With their year 1945 Christian MORAL CODE, the Americans sentenced the few guilty Nazi convicts to death for obeying immoral laws.  Chief Justice Kennedy, with a depraved immoral code of 70 years later, affirms clearly because those Nazi convicts obeyed the law, they should all have been set free immediately.

The Nazi regime, with its morally corrupt laws, sentenced 6,000,000 Jews to horrible death.  The Obama regime, with its morally corrupt laws sentences worldwide 42 millions babies in their mother´s woumbs  each year to their horrible death.  He is firmly backed by the U.S. Congress and the American people.

 What an immoral disgrace our once beautiful nation has fallen into!

Fr. Louis George Dupuis, S.T.L.

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